The Best places to find drops in PUBG Sanhok map

The Best places to find drops in PUBG Sanhok map

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has received a large number of positive reviews and sold over fifty million copies around the world. With a total of over 400 million players, it has become a well-known game that can be played by all ages. 

In this article, you’ll receive an in-depth PUBG mobile Sanhok map guide!

Playerunknown’s Battleground

What is PUBG?

As a famous game created by the PUBG Corporation, it was first released in December 2017. Designed to be a multiplayer game, it’s available on Microsoft Windows, Steam and Xbox One. Additionally, you can download a free-to-play version on mobile phones. 

All about Sanhok

Don’t look down on this map. Although it’s deemed as PUBG’s smallest map compared to others, it’s still far deadlier than others. With an extensive river system, thick jungles, and deserts, there’s an array of locations for you to hide and attack other players. 

That means that no matter where you decide to drop, you’re never completely safe. The chances of you dropping with someone else is always high. 

Where to drop in Sanhok?

Playerunknown’s Battleground

Though a relatively small map, there’s still a lot of places where you can drop for loot when playing PUBG’S Sanhok map. The following section will be a PUBG guide to show you the places with highest amount of loots available, which means you should try to aim for these areas when playing. 

But remember that, since the loot concentration is high, there will be a lot of players going after the same location. 


As a prominent building in the centre of the map, it’s known for having an extensive amount of weapons mostly around the centre of the main building. With many players aiming to loot here, you’ll find yourself co-existing with multiple people at a time. For those gun-crazed players, you’ll be able to find many powerful guns here.

The Docks

If you’re looking for the exclusive QBZ95 assault rifle that’s featured on this map, you can start searching here. Though it’s considered as one of the less-populated areas, there are many great loots here. 

Pai Nan

As one of the hottest areas in the Sanhok map, it’s the ultimate place to go when you’re looking to get some sneaky kills. With many structures and buildings, there are many places to hide, along with picking up loots. 

Paradise Resort

It’s a relatively large area, it’s considered as an excellent place to gain some substantial loot for anyone that’s dropping. Located near the center of the map, it also means you can head out in any direction you want. 

As one of the popular areas in Sanhok, you should keep a close eye out for enemies as many people will join you in jumping to this accessible location. 

The Quarry

The Quarry is considered as a more deserted place, and it’s suitable for those who do not want to be under the stress of players lurking around. Though there is less loot here, you’ll still be able to find a suitable amount of loots, especially on top of high grounds. 

Camp Bravo

There’s a considerable amount of loot when in Camp Bravo, but with a ton of open spaces and buildings, your chances of getting shot are high. Also, since it’s located on the edge of the map, trying to stay in the circle will be a pain when you’re running out of time.

Ha Thin

As a fairly large area, it means that there are many places to loot. However, you have to move quickly since you can get spotted easily as there’s a lot of open space. There’s also a lot of vehicles spawn here, which makes it easy to catch the circle. 

Sah Mee

Although considered as an urban area, it manages to be a hotspot for players, and it has a lot of loots. Including many multi-tiered houses, finding loots won’t be easy. You should be careful when moving around here because chances are, you’ll probably get joined amidst a few players. 


Overall, there are many places to drop where you can find a good amount of loots. Although measuring approximately 4×4, it’s considered as a difficult map to play because of the area restrictions and water. 

However, with the PUBG Sanhok Map guide above, we hope your playing experience improves. Good luck!

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