PUBG Lite PC Overview

With a lot of success but also a lot of fluctuations in 2018, PUBG is having a lot of competition with lighter and free games like Fortnite or ROS, so Bluehole has had to try hard by developing a PUBG version for PC with 2 criteria: free and light. PUBG Lite is the result of a trial version of the PUBG Project in Thailand late last year.


The game will take 100 players to a remote island to participate in a game in the PUBG Lite download game. Be a Battle Royale game, a strategic play is just as important as shooting skill.

The gamers involve in the final battle is the one who tries to determine the location of weapons, vehicles and personal belongings in the battlefield with high tactics. Finally, PUBG Lite forced players to enter a narrow battlefield when they participated in the battle of brainstorming to death.

PUBG Lite has appeared, so gamers who love the survival game genre have a new option for their interests. However, when PUBG Mobile Lite appeared before, it almost only caused curiosity, initial stimulation, and could not be as successful as the original PUBG Mobile. 

What about PUBG Lite? Compared to the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this shortened version of PUBG?


  • Completely free to all players around the world.
  • Remain the main features, the basic gameplay of the old version.
  • Can easily download and install PUBG Lite from on Steam (but requires players to have a Steam account).
  • The operation is quite smooth due to streamlining some elements and features that are not needed (especially those related to graphics).
  • Suitable for computers that are not high configuration.
  • Fewer errors.
  • The server of the game will be located in the area or even in the country, making support easier, easier and more convenient.


  • The problem of hacking the cheating game is natural and cannot be avoided in any game. Especially with blockbuster action games that are free to play like PUBG LITE, this rate is even higher.
  • Images are not smooth and sharp. Due to the reduction of unnecessary graphic elements to make this Shooter lighter, the affected image quality is also unavoidable.



Erangel is an island created by the developer next to the Black Sea coast. In 1950, the Soviet Alliance occupied the island as a base for military experiments, including the Military Base and storage facility. Local people have called for a resistance war to retake the island, which led to the island being abandoned. with 8 * 8 km map provides many different terrains such as Nuclear Power Plant, Military Base, Flooded Town, Marsh, and Mountain. 

PUBG Lite PC Overview


Miramar is a desert map. This map is described with sand canyons, sparse foliage, and oil fields. Survival is challenged by rugged terrain and dense urban town areas. With strategic construction, Miramar promises to help you experience the dynamic Battle Royale.

PUBG Lite PC Overview 1


Training mode maps allow 5-20 players to participate in this 2 * 2 training terrain. To be proficient in real combat, players have to fight many times with weapons and vehicles in this training map. 

PUBG Lite PC Overview 2

New features

Besides the legendary maps like Erangel, Miramar, and Training, PUBG Lite has a 4vs4 game mode that allows teams of two sides to fight face to face. Teams will fight in a small map called Bod Bodie, with the same gameplay as the FPS series. The feeling of panning, tapping, observing all directions will be greatly improved.


1. Playing solo

The weakness when you play solo is that you will always have blind spots. you’ll always have to be alert where you are around you to make sure no one sneaks in on you even when you’re in an open area. Always pay attention to the location of the green circle and the white circle to see if anyone is behind you.

In solo play mode, you have no team to rely on, so a single shot can kill you. Players around your location are looking for you, while you don’t know where they are. when you are completely exposed, you should not kill someone even if it is “an easy murder”.

2. Playing duo/squad

The most important thing when playing on a team is that everyone must have a game strategy. Some players prefer to kill enemies quickly and win, while others prefer to approach the target slowly and take a more tactical approach. If all players on the same team do not have the same tactics then the party members may wander away from the group and expose themselves, making it easier for the enemy to attack.

When playing with a team, your safety is more assured. however, you will have to communicate with members by voice (or other means of communication) to alert teammates whenever they are in danger. You can use the in-game compass to notify team members where you are and what is happening.

How to kill enemies

PUBG Lite puts you in competition with different players. Therefore, it is difficult for you to defeat your opponent. There are three basic techniques that help you defeat enemies you can use, namely ranged fire, close and loud and wait.

Final Thoughts

With a classic gun fighting game that is familiar to everyone like PUBG or PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite meets all the expectations of similar game players on other platforms. Currently, PUBG Lite has just been released, so there are a few shortcomings. So, the producer looks forward to receiving positive feedback from you guys. Good luck!