Tips and tricks when playing PUBG Lite PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, has turned into one of the hottest games worldwide. This survival game is completely suitable for all ages and has diverse gameplay, which is why so many people love it.

With the ultimate mission to be the last standing survivor in the game and win the title Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Though it may seem like a simple task, it’s not. Since you are surrounded by lurking danger at all times, 

This article will provide you with the best tips and tricks for you to easily grasp the concept of the game as well as effective tips.



After downloading and making an account, you and 99 other players will start the game in an aircraft hovering above a map. As it continues moving, you can decide where to parachute down to start your survival journey. Once you reach the land, begin searching for weapons, vehicles or equipment to help you stay alive. From now on, you’ll have to stay alert at all times and fight to the death. Using your survival skills, you’ll have to be stealthy and hidden to be the last one surviving. As you go further into the game, your restricted area will become smaller, indicated by the blue illuminating circle. If a player is in a restricted area, they’ll gradually lose blood and die. 

PUBG tips and tricks

Adjust your voice chat

A common problem that most amateur players will face is forgetting to adjust their voice chat. As a result, they end up with an unjust death because your chat was in public mode, meaning nearby players can hear whatever you’re communicating. 

Fast sprinting

PUBG is known for its big maps such as Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, etc. If you’re not so lucky, chances are you won’t be able to have a car with you throughout the whole game. This means you have to run a lot of long distances if you want to make it in the circle on time. One tip we have for you is instead of continually pressing the arrow key to run, you can press “=” for your character to automatically run.

Never get out of a moving car

Some players are just too excited to get in some shooting action that they end up jumping out of a vehicle while it’s still moving. Although it may seem interesting, it doesn’t look cool as you’ll lose blood and maybe even die if you’re driving at a high speed.

Better vehicle control

One type of transportation you’ll find in PUBG is motorcycles. Though they’re extremely efficient to use, they are also quite hard to control. Especially if you’re speeding through hills or rocks and flying in the air. Many vehicles can lead to serious blood loss or even death if not controlled properly. To control your transportation in the air, click on “space” and the left Ctrl key to help balance your vehicle in the air before landing. 

Customize keyboard settings

An important thing that you must always remember to do is change your game setting to suit your playing style. Although the game is automatically set at a default setting, you can customize elements of the gameplay such as graphics, control, and sound. 

Energy boost

If you notice your character slowing down or getting tired from moving, you can use enhancement items like painkillers or energy drinks. It’s especially useful if you’re in dangerous areas as it’ll increase your health and allow you to move faster.

Throwing grenades

As an efficient weapon when it comes to killing a whole bunch of people at the same time, there are many ways to use a grenade. If you’re under attack and want to throw a grenade faster, speed up the internal timer by holding the left mouse button and then right-click to throw.

Find a high-level helmet

As the easiest way to get a kill in PUBG is to aim at the head, you might find that owning a helmet will prevent you from getting shot in the head. Despite still losing some blood, it’s better than dying an unexpected death. There are three different levels of the helmet. Level 1 and 2 protects mostly your head, however, you’ll still die if you get shot in the face. Level 3 helmets prevent both the face and the head, meaning always try to find a level 3 helmet. 

Always close the door

Whether going in or out of a house or building, you should always close the door. Although a relatively simple tip, it’ll prevent others from knowing that you’re in the house. By closing the door, the chances of you getting ambushed by other players are less.

Avoid the red areas

Apart from the blue circle, you should also keep your eye on the red area as it’s where bombs will be released. With a high chance of being exploded by bombs dropping from the sky, you should always avoid going into a red area. In the worst-case scenario that you are in the red area, run into a house and take cover. When you’re in a house, you won’t get injured. 

Healing while moving

It’s essential to keep an eye on your character’s health as that’s how you’ll survive. Since you can’t heal while you are moving, a useful tip to be more proactive is to heal and move at the same time. If you’re playing PUBG on the PC, you can quickly press W or D to move your character while healing. This will also help you avoid any potential bullets and enemies. 


As an entertaining game that is relatively hard to play, there are thousands of tips available online. Though it may seem difficult at first, once you’ve mastered the foundations, you’ll start to find it easier. With the provided tips above to help you improve your PUBG playing experience, we wish you nothing but success.